Judging guidelines

Judging guidelines

of 17 May processions in Bergen

1 Introduction and aim

Processions (or parades) on the Norwegian Constitution Day have a long tradition in Bergen. The processions should be tasteful and entertaining. In order to motivate the participating organisations, societies, associations, government agencies etc. to create elegant, rich in tradition, and entertaining parades, the Committee for 17 May in Bergen has designed plaques to reward the four best contributions.

2 Composition of the jury

A jury elects the plaque-winners. The jury is composed of five persons appointed by the Committee for 17 May in Bergen. The jury chairperson must be a member of the Committee for 17 May. The remaining four members cannot be members of the Committee for 17 May. A certain continuity should be aimed for so that at least two members continue the following year.

3 Plaques

The following plaques may be awarded:

  • Most elegant Main Procession contribution
  • Most elegant Flag Procession contribution
  • Funniest Main Procession contribution
  • Best Flag Procession contribution

The jury may decide that one or more plaques will not be awarded. The jury may in extraordinary cases award additional plaques.

4 Judging criteria and the jury’s work

Every year the jury must go through the judging criteria and reach a common understanding of their interpretation before starting the judging.

The jury organise their work and position on the procession route so that all participating organisations can be evaluated.

The jury must perform a comprehensive evaluation of every contribution. For the Flag Procession, the primary requirement is a low number of participating adults in each parade. Other important points are:

  • The degree to which spectators are smiling and entertained or impressed.
  • The amount of work involved and the effort put in beforehand.
  • The distinctiveness of the contribution and the characteristics particular to the organisation in question.
  • The parade’s style, pace, and precision.
  • Elements of cheers, singing, playing on instruments etc.
  • Use of uniforms or special costumes.
  • Use of flags, flagbearers, and banners.
  • Entertaining performances and other acts along the way.

As soon as the processions are ended, the jury must deliver their decision in writing, including short justifications, to the chairperson of the Committee for 17 May.

The jury are responsible for contacting the winners after the decisions have been made. The jury may also notify the press/media but must inform them that the jury’s decision cannot be made public until after 11 pm, 17 May.

Winners are announced and plaques awarded by the chairperson of the Committee for 17 May on the Viking Ship during the closing ceremony around 11 pm.

Adopted by the Committee for 17 May in Bergen May 14 2013.

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