06.55 Opening at Dreggen by Maria Church
07.00 Gun salute from Skansen
07.00 Festive ringing of the bells in Bergen Cathedral, Korskirken, and St. Mary’s Church
07.00 Morning Procession from Dreggen by Maria Church accompanied by Krohnengen Brass band and Lungegaardens Musikkorps
07.40 The Morning Procession ends at Festplassen with speeches by the chair person for Studentersamfundet ved Høgskolen i Bergen (Bergen University College Student Society) and a representative for the “russ”
08.00 Wreath laying by the statue of Chr. Michelsen
08.15 Memorial ceremony at Solheim memorial cemetery and Nonneseter memorial hall
09.00 Church service at Bergen Cathedral accompanied by choir
10.15 The Main Procession is ready to march from Koengen
10.30 The Main Procession starts their route from Koengen after “Leve Eidsvollsmennenes mine” and the gun salute from Skansen
10.40 The Flag Procession starts their route from Festplassen
12.45 The Main Procession ends at Festplassen and speeches are given
12.30 Procession for rowing boat races from Kaigaten 12.30 accompanied by Alvøens musikkforening
13.00 Rowing boat races in Vågen.
13.00 Concert in Bergen Courthouse by Studentersangforeningen (Bergen Academic Male Voice Choir)
13.00 Matinee at Den Nationale Scene (The National Stage)
13.00 Student orchestras and choirs perform at Den blå stein by Hotel Norge, Musikkpaviljongen (the Byparken pavilion), at Sjømannsmonumentet (the sailors’ monument) etc.
13.30 Parachute jumps over Smålungeren (Lille Lungegårdsvannet) by Festplassen
13.30 Climbing starts at Festplassen
13.30 Dragefjellets Musikkorps performs at Musikkpaviljongen
14.00 Dinghy races in Smålungeren (Lille Lungegårdsvannet) by Festplassen
14.30 Direksjonsmusikken (marchin band) Plays at the Ole Bull-fontain
17.30 Manger Musikklag performs at Torgalmenningen
18.30 Folk music and folk dance at Festplassen (the Viking Ship). Bergen ungdomslag Ervingen/Spelemannslaget Fjellbekken.
19.00 Entertainment at Festplassen (the Viking Ship)
Ends around 22:45
19.00 Choir concert in Korskirken. Free entry.
20.00 Gospel night with Gospel Bergen in St. John’s Church
22.30 Torchlight Procession from Bergenhus to Festplassen via Torgallmenningen and Nordahl Bruns gate. Meet up by Håkonshallen at 22:15 at the latest
23.00 Festplassen (the Viking Ship): Awarding of prizes for best procession contributions, and the winners of the rowing boat races
23.00 Lighting of Beacons on the mountains surrounding the city
23.15 We end the Day with fireworks at Festplassen

Lost children and first aid station at the Viking Ship serviced by the Bergen Red Cross Search and Rescue Corps and the Bergen Red Cross Children’s Help.

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